One complete solution

With our HappyorNot feedback solution, capturing and analyzing responses becomes quite simple.  SmileyAnswer helps you save time and energy to focus on making measurable and successful improvements,

Feedback Collecting Smileys

Smileys are approachable, anonymous, and easy-to-use.  They help you listen to your customers and employees in all business environments.

Intelligent Data Analytics

Track your performance

Our web-based Reporting Service assists in tracking and managing your performance by transforming collected feedback into data analytics which is clear and actionable.

The intuitive charts and graphs help pinpoint issues and uncover causes.  Measuring and validating your improvement actions are effortless with the trending data.

Quick View – your status at a glance

Quick View provides an instant overview of your key performance results summarized in easy-to-understand, informative widgets. It also helps you focus on the most crucial information, and save time retrieving it.

Necessary improvement decisions can be made quickly and effectively with immediate access to your key performance status.

Analytics – delving deeper into your results

Analytics offers your feedback results via interactive charts and graphs which enables you to research long-term trends as well as pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

The drill down functionality and data exporting provides full control to analyze your past and current performance results.  This way more informed improvement decisions can be made for the future success of your business.

HappyOrNot Industry

  • 10% improvement in Customer Satisfaction per year
  • Retail Industry Customer Satisfaction Benchmark - 84.5%

Satisfied Customers Benefit Your Bottom Line

  • Spend more during each visit – Basket size and revenue
  • Visit more often – Loyalty and churn
  • Recommend your brand – Referral and conversion rates

Case Study

Chartwells Higher Education is utilizing HappyOrNot tools and services to access and analyze immediate, continuous feedback, improving college students’ meals and lives.

In this video you’ll find a firsthand account of the HappyOrNot solution’s effectiveness within the field of higher education. HappyOrNot has earned a reputation as the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. And here, Courtney Hill, the Director of Marketing for Chartwells Higher Education, offers her own thoughts on HappyOrNot’s benefits for the college experience.

Hill services five schools in Texas for Chartwells, a large-scale food service provider for universities and colleges. She’s found that HappyOrNot kiosks allow Chartwells, a member of Compass Group USA, to boost its efforts at collecting and analyzing student feedback.

“We’ve found that the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals™ enables students to submit continuous, fact-driven data,” says Hill. “Chartwells can then learn from students what they’re actually enjoying and how it can change, by the hour and throughout the day.” This also helps Chartwells to identify opportunities for improvement.

One thing that has really stood out is the HappyOrNot team. At first, Chartwells didn’t know how the data collection would work, or what they could do with it. But HappyOrNot helped them to break it down, generating the kinds of reports they needed to analyze their business even further.

HappyOrNot has also prompted the company to come up with other industry-related questions. For example, students’ feedback may not be as positive during certain times of the day. But Chartwells professionals can analyze the daily data collected and make adjustments. Then, they analyze it again to determine if it was successful.

“The idea that HappyOrNot is providing us with a tool to gain continuous customer feedback is really wonderful,” Hill replied. “But they also ask us in the field for our feedback on their product and their tool. So, they’re looking to improve themselves, as well.”

Indeed, HappyOrNot’s responsiveness to their customers is greatly appreciated within the customer service industry. Hill feels that receiving great service makes it easier to give great service. This is vital for a company responsible for providing meals to college students. And with the HappyOrNot kiosk, they’ve accomplished this goal.

Additional Features


smiley answers

Role, location, and time-based result summaries automatically sent to your email


smiley answers

1-page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and at location


smiley answers

Click-to-share summary image for sharing your results online


smiley answers

Built-in custom settings that filter out repeated button presses and ensure result data accuracy


Integrate your HappyOrNot results into your company’s own dashboard(s) with our Application Programming Interface


smiley answers

Available for the Smiley Terminal
Automated email notification when negative responses, in a specific location, exceed a pre-set value during a specified timeframe


Smiley Terminal: Branded stand + question sign (A3 / A4)

Smiley Touch: Branded stand + attention sign (A4)